Indian Premier League 2017 Schedule

By on February 16, 2017

Indian Premier League 2017 Schedule and Results: 


Indian Premier League 2017 Schedule

Date, TimeMatch BetweenVenue Results
Wed Apr 5 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)1st matchSunrisers Hyderabad v Royal Challengers BangaloreHyderabadSunrisers Hyderabad
Thu Apr 6 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)2nd matchRising Pune Supergiants v Mumbai IndiansPuneRising Pune Supergiants
Fri Apr 7 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)3rd matchGujarat Lions v Kolkata Knight RidersRajkotKolkata Knight Riders
Sat Apr 8 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)4th matchKings XI Punjab v Rising Pune SupergiantsIndoreKings XI Punjab
Sat Apr 8 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)5th matchRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Delhi DaredevilsBangaloreRoyal Challengers Bangalore
Sun Apr 9 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)6th matchSunrisers Hyderabad v Gujarat LionsHyderabadSunrisers Hyderabad
Sun Apr 9 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)7th matchMumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight RidersMumbaiMumbai Indians
Mon Apr 10 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)8th matchKings XI Punjab v Royal Challengers BangaloreIndoreKings XI Punjab
Tue Apr 11 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)9th matchRising Pune Supergiants v Delhi DaredevilsPuneDelhi Daredevils
Wed Apr 12 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)10th matchMumbai Indians v Sunrisers HyderabadMumbaiMumbai Indians
Thu Apr 13 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)11th matchKolkata Knight Riders v Kings XI PunjabKolkataKolkata Knight Riders
Fri Apr 14 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)12th matchRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Mumbai IndiansBangaloreMumbai Indians
Fri Apr 14 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)13th matchGujarat Lions v Rising Pune SupergiantsRajkotGujarat Lions
Sat Apr 15 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)14th matchKolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers HyderabadKolkataKolkata Knight Riders
Sat Apr 15 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)15th matchDelhi Daredevils v Kings XI PunjabDelhiDelhi Daredevils
Sun Apr 16 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)16th matchMumbai Indians v Gujarat LionsMumbaiMumbai Indians
Sun Apr 16 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)17th matchRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Rising Pune SupergiantsBangaloreRising Pune Supergiants
Mon Apr 17 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)18th matchDelhi Daredevils v Kolkata Knight RidersDelhiKolkata Knight Riders
Mon Apr 17 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)19th matchSunrisers Hyderabad v Kings XI PunjabHyderabadSunrisers Hyderabad
Tue Apr 18 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)20th matchGujarat Lions v Royal Challengers BangaloreRajkotRoyal Challengers Bangalore
Wed Apr 19 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)21st matchSunrisers Hyderabad v Delhi DaredevilsHyderabadSunrisers Hyderabad
Thu Apr 20 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)22nd matchKings XI Punjab v Mumbai IndiansIndoreMumbai Indians
Fri Apr 21 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)23rd matchKolkata Knight Riders v Gujarat LionsKolkataGujarat Lions
Sat Apr 22 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)24th matchDelhi Daredevils v Mumbai IndiansDelhiMumbai Indians
Sat Apr 22 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)25th matchRising Pune Supergiants v Sunrisers HyderabadPuneRising Pune Supergiants
Sun Apr 23 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)26th matchGujarat Lions v Kings XI PunjabRajkot Kings XI Punjab
Sun Apr 23 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)27th matchKolkata Knight Riders v Royal Challengers BangaloreKolkataKolkata Knight Riders
Mon Apr 24 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)28th matchMumbai Indians v Rising Pune SupergiantsMumbaiRising Pune Supergiants
Tue Apr 25 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)29th matchRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Sunrisers HyderabadBangaloreMatch Abandoned
Wed Apr 26 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)30th matchRising Pune Supergiants v Kolkata Knight RidersPuneKolkata Knight Riders
Thu Apr 27 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)31st matchRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Gujarat LionsBangaloreGujarat Lions
Fri Apr 28 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)32nd matchKolkata Knight Riders v Delhi DaredevilsKolkataKolkata Knight Riders
Fri Apr 28 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)33rd matchKings XI Punjab v Sunrisers HyderabadMohali, ChandigarhSunrisers Hyderabad
Sat Apr 29 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)34th matchRising Pune Supergiants v Royal Challengers BangalorePuneRising Pune Supergiants
Sat Apr 29 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)35th matchGujarat Lions v Mumbai IndiansRajkotMumbai Indians (Super Over)
Sun Apr 30 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)36th matchKings XI Punjab v Delhi DaredevilsMohali, ChandigarhKings XI Punjab
Sun Apr 30 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)37th matchSunrisers Hyderabad v Kolkata Knight RidersHyderabadSunrisers Hyderabad
Mon May 1 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)38th matchMumbai Indians v Royal Challengers BangaloreMumbaiMumbai Indians
Mon May 1 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)39th matchRising Pune Supergiants v Gujarat LionsPuneRising Pune Supergiants
Tue May 2 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)40th matchDelhi Daredevils v Sunrisers HyderabadDelhiDelhi Daredevils
Wed May 3 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)41st matchKolkata Knight Riders v Rising Pune SupergiantsKolkataRising Pune Supergiants
Thu May 4 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)42nd matchDelhi Daredevils v Gujarat LionsDelhiDelhi Daredevils
Fri May 5 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)43rd matchRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Kings XI PunjabBangaloreKings XI Punjab
Sat May 6 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)44th matchSunrisers Hyderabad v Rising Pune SupergiantsHyderabadRising Pune Supergiants
Sat May 6 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)45th matchMumbai Indians v Delhi DaredevilsMumbaiMumbai Indians
Sun May 7 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)46th matchRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Kolkata Knight RidersBangaloreKolkata Knight Riders
Sun May 7 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)47th matchKings XI Punjab v Gujarat LionsMohali, ChandigarhGujarat Lions
Mon May 8 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)48th matchSunrisers Hyderabad v Mumbai IndiansHyderabadSunrisers Hyderabad
Tue May 9 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)49th matchKings XI Punjab v Kolkata Knight RidersMohali, ChandigarhKings XI Punjab
Wed May 10 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)50th matchGujarat Lions v Delhi DaredevilsKanpurDelhi Daredevils
Thu May 11 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)51st matchMumbai Indians v Kings XI PunjabMumbaiKings XI Punjab
Fri May 12 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)52nd matchDelhi Daredevils v Rising Pune SupergiantsDelhiDelhi Daredevils
Sat May 13 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)3rd matchGujarat Lions v Sunrisers HyderabadKanpurSunrisers Hyderabad
Sat May 13 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)54th matchKolkata Knight Riders v Mumbai IndiansKolkataMumbai Indians
Sun May 14 16:00 local (10:30 GMT)55th matchRising Pune Supergiants v Kings XI PunjabPuneRising Pune Supergiants
Sun May 14 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)56th matchDelhi Daredevils v Royal Challengers BangaloreDelhiRoyal Challengers Bangalore
Tue May 16 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)Qualifier 1Mumbai Indians v Rising Pune SupergiantsMumbaiRising Pune Supergiants
Wed May 17 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)EliminatorKolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers HyderabadBangaloreKolkata Knight Riders
Fri May 19 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)Qualifier 2Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders BangaloreMumbai Indians
Sun May 21 20:00 local (14:30 GMT)FinalRising Pune Supergiants v Mumbai IndiansHyderabadMumbai Indians



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