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Are Social Media fans criteria for selection

Social Media Social media has become part and parcel of every individual’s life. The same is the case with cricketers who have a huge fan following on various social media platforms.

The question is, whether this fan following plays any role in the selection for the National team. We can say that, yes it plays a role not completely but a massive influence on the selection of players in the National team is their fans, players personal relations with the cricket board, players relations with media houses etc. One can say on what basis I am claiming this? but I have answers for them.

There are a lot of players who are performing on the domestic level but are not getting any opportunities or quite rare opportunities in the National team as compared to those players who are playing cricket without zero or less performance as compared to the domestic performers just because they have good relationships everywhere and massive fan following.

There are a lot of performers in the domestic but they do not have any personal relations and social media influence some of them whom I can name are Iftikhar Ahmed, Shan Masood, Aamer Yamin, Kamran Ghulam, Zeeshan Malik and many more.

I guess they should focus on gaining social media fans and personal relations instead of playing cricket because with such influence Shadab Khan can play in the National team without any serious performance but Zahid Mehmood, Abrar Ahmed and Usman Qadir cannot as they don’t have social media power and personal relations. With this power, Shoaib Malik can play the T20 World Cup instead of Iftikhar Ahmed who has been a consistent performer in domestic cricket. These are just a few examples of injustice with less influenced cricketers.

The point is not to target or ridicule those cricketers who enjoy high fan followings on social networks or who have good relationships with fans but to say that the single criterion for selecting the best players should be performance.

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