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Asia Cup Super 4 match: Will rain spoil the play during Pak vs SL?

Asia Cup Super 4 match: Will rain spoil the play during Pak vs SL?
Image via SLC

Pakistan and Sri Lanka are gearing up for an epic showdown in the Super 4 clash of the 2023 Asia Cup this Thursday in Colombo. The stakes couldn’t be higher, with the victor earning a coveted spot in the final showdown against India, scheduled for September 17. However, an unwelcome guest is casting a shadow of uncertainty over this much-anticipated battle.

Weather forecasts paint a grim picture, with rain clouds looming large over the impending clash. The Weather Channel is warning of an 86 percent likelihood of rain on September 14 in Colombo, putting the match’s outcome in jeopardy.

Contrarily, AccuWeather suggests that the game may unfold under cloudy skies, but the persistent threat of rainfall remains, with an 84 percent chance of precipitation and 95 percent cloud cover throughout the day. While rain is expected to taper off later, clouds are poised to hang overhead.

Adding to the unpredictability, thunderstorms are on the horizon, expected to strike around 3 pm, coinciding with the match’s scheduled kick-off.

Unlike the India vs. Pakistan Super 4 showdown, which had a reserve day, this match lacks such a safety net. If rain washes out the Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan clash, Sri Lanka will secure their spot in the final due to their superior net run rate (-0.200) compared to Pakistan (-1.892).

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