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BCB Issues Warning to Young Cricketer Tanzim Hasan Over Offensive Posts

BCB Issues Warning to Young Cricketer Tanzim Hasan Over Offensive Posts
Image via BCB

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has issued a stern warning to Tanzim Hasan, the promising young fast bowler, in response to his past misogynistic Facebook posts that have recently come to light. Following his impressive ODI debut against India, Tanzim’s social media activity, riddled with offensive content, drew significant public backlash. The BCB has cautioned him against posting any material on social media that may inflict harm upon public sentiment.

Tanzim Hasan, whose talent played a pivotal role in Bangladesh’s victory in the 2020 Under-19 World Cup, found himself in the spotlight due to the derogatory nature of his social media content, which primarily revolved around working women. His posts contained deeply misogynistic remarks, suggesting that a woman’s employment jeopardizes her husband’s rights, a child’s welfare, and her own elegance. These posts, dated as far back as 2014, have rightfully raised concerns and prompted necessary action.

In response to the public outcry and as a testament to his growth, Tanzim Hasan publicly apologized to the BCB for his past indiscretions. This act of contrition came shortly after his international debut in the Asia Cup. Jalal Yunus, the head of cricket operations at BCB, confirmed that Tanzim has expressed genuine remorse and recognized the inappropriateness of his past posts. Following his debut, he promptly removed nearly four of these offensive posts that had gained widespread attention.

One particularly offensive post from last year insinuated that a working woman negates her husband and children’s rights, leading to the loss of her charm and the disintegration of her family and societal role. Furthermore, Tanzim’s controversial social media activity also included a post from April 2023, featuring a photograph from 1954 of a woman in a burqa on a rickshaw, which he referred to as a “golden past.”

Acknowledging his mistakes, Tanzim Hasan has received a warning from the BCB, accompanied by close monitoring of his online conduct to prevent a recurrence of such incidents. Jalal Yunus emphasized that Tanzim had deleted all the offensive posts and expressed genuine remorse.

While extending this second chance, the BCB has made it clear that any repetition of such behavior will result in serious consequences. With the ICC World Cup 2023 on the horizon, Tanzim Hasan’s conduct serves as a vital lesson in responsible behavior for emerging cricketers.

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