Big Bash League 2015-16 Fixture and Resutls

By on December 1, 2015

Big Bash League 2015-16 Fixture

Starts from 17th December 2015 and will end on 24th January 2016.

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Date Match No.Match DetailsVenueResults
12/17/2016, Thu 1st MatchSydney Thunder vs Sydney SixersSydneySydney Thunder won by 36 runs
12/18/2016, Fri 2nd MatchAdelaide Strikers vs Melbourne StarsAdelaideAdelaide Strikers won by 19 runs
12/19/2016, Sat 3rd MatchBrisbane vs Melbourne RenegadesBrisbaneMelbourne Renegades won by 7 wkts
12/20/2016, Sun 4th MatchSydney Sixers vs HobartSydneySydney Sixers won by 95 runs
5th MatchMelbourne Stars vs Sydney ThunderMelbourneSydney Thunder won by 1 run
12/21/2016, Mon 6th MatchPerth vs Adelaide StrikersPerthAdelaide Strikers won by 4 wkts
12/22/2016, Tue 7th MatchHobart vs BrisbaneHobartHobart Hurricanes won by 20 runs
23-Dec, Wed8th MatchMelbourne Renegades vs Sydney SixersMelbourneSydney Sixers won by 3 wkts
26-Dec, Sat9th MatchPerth vs BrisbanePerthPerth Scorchers won by 9 wkts
27-Dec, Sun10th MatchSydney Sixers vs Melbourne StarsSydneyMelbourne Stars won by 5 wkts
28-Dec, Mon11th MatchSydney Thunder vs Adelaide StrikersSydneySydney Thunder won by 7 wkts
29-Dec, Tue12th MatchBrisbane vs HobartBrisbaneHobart Hurricanes won by 15 runs
30-Dec, Wed13th MatchMelbourne Renegades vs PerthMelbournePerth Scorchers won by 10 wkts
31-Dec, Thu14th MatchAdelaide Strikers vs Sydney SixersAdelaideAdelaide Strikers won by 5 wkts
1-Jan, Fri15th MatchHobart vs Sydney ThunderHobartHobart Hurricanes won by 11 runs
2-Jan, Sat16th MatchMelbourne Stars vs Melbourne RenegadesMelbourneMelbourne Stars won by 7 wkts
17th Match Perth vs Sydney SixersPerthPerth Scorchers won by 9 wkts
3-Jan, Sun18th MatchBrisbane vs Sydney ThunderBrisbaneBrisbane Heat won by 6 wkts
4-Jan, Mon19th MatchHobart vs Melbourne RenegadesHobartMelbourne Renegades won by 5 wkts
5-Jan, Tue20th MatchAdelaide Strikers vs PerthAdelaideAdelaide Strikers won by 36 runs
6-Jan, Wed21st MatchMelbourne Stars vs HobartMelbourneMelbourne Stars won by 8 wkts
7-Jan, Thu22nd MatchSydney Thunder vs PerthSydneyPerth Scorchers won by 30 runs
8-Jan, Fri23rd MatchBrisbane vs Adelaide StrikersBrisbaneAdelaide Strikers won by 8 wkts
9-Jan, Sat24th MatchMelbourne Renegades vs Melbourne StarsMelbourneMelbourne Stars won by 8 wkts
10-Jan, Sun25th MatchHobart vs PerthHobartPerth Scorchers won by 1 run
26th Match Sydney Sixers vs BrisbaneSydneyBrisbane Heat won by 6 runs
11-Jan, Mon27th MatchSydney Thunder vs Melbourne RenegadesSydneyMelbourne Renegades won by 5 wkts
13-Jan, Wed28th MatchAdelaide Strikers vs HobartAdelaideAdelaide Strikers won by 6 wkts
14-Jan, Thu29th MatchMelbourne Stars vs BrisbaneMelbourneBrisbane Heat won by 56 runs
16-Jan, Sat30th MatchSydney Sixers vs Sydney ThunderSydneySydney Thunder won by 46 runs
31st Match Perth vs Melbourne StarsPerthMelbourne Stars won by 52 runs
18-Jan, Mon32nd MatchMelbourne Renegades vs Adelaide StrikersMelbourneAdelaide Strikers won by 27 runs
21-Jan, Thu1st Semi-FinalAdelaide Strikers vs Sydney ThunderAdelaideSydney Thunder won by 8 wkts
22-Jan, Fri2nd Semi-FinalMelbourne Stars vs PerthMelbourneMelbourne Stars won by 7 wkts
24-Jan, SunFinalSydney Thunder vs Melbourne StarsMelbourneSydney Thunder won by 3 wkts