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CA responds to criticism from Afghanistan

Image: news 18

In what can be called the recent developments of cricket, it has been a matter of debate for the two boards, Cricket Australia (CA) and Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB). Recently, CA pulled out of the scheduled series against Afghanistan, citing the Taliban’s ruling country deprived of human rights.

During the Taliban’s regime, they have limited their women as per Islamic rules and regulations. However, CA finds it against human rights and has chosen to interfere in Afghanistan’s decrees. While ACB understands that one should not mix politics with sports, CA has chosen not to play against Afghanistan as a result of the protest against women’s empowerment.

To prove themselves true Afghans, Naveen ul Haq and Rashid Khan, the two cricketers, have chosen to prioritize their country and not to take part in the BBL. While Naveed has pulled himself out of the league, making himself unavailable, Rashid already parted ways in the midst a week back to lead MI Cape Town in the ILT20.

However, protesting for his country against CA is another additional reason which will make him think about playing BBL in the forthcoming editions. Responding to all the drama, the Australian cricketing body has responded by saying basic human rights are not politics. It went on to add that Rashid will always be welcomed in the league whenever he feels like playing.

ACB believes the decision is pathetic and would also complain to International Cricket Council for mixing politics and sports, deteriorating the relations between the two boards. The board will also rethink its decision to allow its players to ever play in BBL again.

“It is clearly a very challenging and sad situation. We did not take this decision lightly and consulted widely including with our government,” Hockley said. “We were hopeful of playing the series and have been in regular dialogue with the Afghanistan Cricket Board.

“However announcements by the Taliban in late November and late December signalling the deterioration of basic human rights for women in Afghanistan led to our decision to withdraw from these games. Basic human rights is not politics.” CA added.

It further said,

“We acknowledge and applaud Rashid Khan’s and other Afghanistan cricketers’ comments at the time condemning the Taliban’s decision to ban women from universities. Rashid will always be welcome in the BBL.”