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Corey Anderson’s Exciting Mission for American Cricket: The 2023 Sunoco Minor League Cricket Championship

Corey Anderson, a highly experienced T20 player, is eagerly anticipating the upcoming 2023 Sunoco Minor League Cricket Championship, emphasizing its significance for the future of American cricket.

Anderson expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This summer will mark a monumental leap forward in the history of American cricket. I am eagerly looking forward to participating in Minor League Cricket in July. The development of talent through the Sunoco Minor League Cricket championship, followed by the MLC in August and September, is crucial for the future growth of American cricket.”

The organizers of Minor League Cricket (MiLC) also revealed that Sunoco will serve as the title sponsor for the third season of this extensive nationwide T20 championship in American cricket. Additionally, Laxmi, one of the leading South Asian food brands in America, has joined the 2023 Minor League Cricket Championship as an official partner.

The Sunoco Minor League Cricket Championship is set to return this summer, featuring approximately 150 matches scheduled to take place in August and September. The domestic player draft will be held in May as part of the selection process, allowing over 400 US-based players to participate in the tournament, which will consist of 26 teams. The draft date and the complete match schedule will be announced in the near future.

Expressing his gratitude towards the partnerships, Anderson acknowledged, “The support of the MiLC team owners and partners, including Sunoco and Laxmi, is instrumental in establishing this pathway. As we approach the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup next year, the level of competition we are witnessing in the United States is building a talent platform that we believe will surprise the global cricket community in the future.”

The second season of America’s first nationwide T20 championship was won by the Seattle Thunderbolts in August 2022. The team from the Pacific Northwest claimed a remarkable $150,000 first-place prize by defeating the Atlanta Fire in the final, showcasing the growing competitiveness of American cricket.