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Dambulla Thunders Franchise Terminated after Owner Arrest

Dambulla Thunders Franchise Terminated after Owner Arrest
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The Lanka Premier League (LPL) has been rocked by a major development, with the termination of the Dambulla Thunders franchise following the arrest of its owner, Tamim Rahman. Rahman, a British national of Bangladeshi origin, was arrested in Colombo under Sri Lanka’s 2019 Prevention of Offences Relating to Sports Act, which tackles corruption in sports.

“While the specific charges remain unclear,” Sri Lanka Cricket stated, “the integrity and smooth functioning of the LPL are paramount. This termination aims to uphold the LPL’s values and reputation, ensuring all participants adhere to the highest standards of conduct and sportsmanship.”

The law used in Rahman’s arrest was co-developed by the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit, highlighting the seriousness of the matter.

LPL management is scrambling to minimize disruption to the upcoming season. However, the Thunders are now without an owner, raising questions about the team’s future and potentially casting a shadow over the entire tournament.

This is not the first time the Dambulla franchise has faced ownership turmoil. They have switched ownership three times since the LPL’s inception in 2020, with the previous owners also entangled in financial fraud charges.

Sri Lanka became the first South Asian nation to criminalize sports-related offenses in 2019, reflecting their commitment to a clean sporting environment. However, the Thunders situation underscores the ongoing battle against corruption in cricket.

The LPL’s immediate task is to find new ownership for the Dambulla franchise. Meanwhile, the wider cricketing community waits with bated breath to see how this episode unfolds and its potential impact on the upcoming LPL season.

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