ECB takes action to solve discrimination issues

ECb takes action
Image via ECB

In light of a scathing investigation that exposed the institutionalization of racism and various forms of discrimination within English cricket, the leadership of the sport is poised to introduce a groundbreaking change. An independent regulatory body is on the horizon, set to be established ahead of the upcoming season. This regulator will be distinct from the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), functioning autonomously to scrutinize and enforce compliance with the sport’s regulations.

The catalyst for this transformative move was the damning report issued by the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC), surfacing three months after a racism controversy rocked Yorkshire cricket. The ECB, in response, is committing to enhancing its equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) requirements. Nations failing to meet these standards will find themselves barred from hosting international events and Test matches.

Moreover, the ECB is funneling an additional £25 million into women’s cricket, aiming to nurture and expand the sport. This includes the significant step of equalizing match payments for both male and female England players, underlining a commitment to gender equality.

Richard Thompson, Chairman of the ECB, emphasized the profound impact of the ICEC’s findings, highlighting the need to address systemic issues and instigate comprehensive reforms. He expressed the organization’s commitment to implementing an action plan that fosters genuine change and rebuilds trust within the cricketing communities.

“The ICEC highlighted the far-reaching consequences of discrimination and the extensive systemic challenges that require our attention,” Thompson affirmed.

Cindy Butts, Chair of the ICEC, left no room for ambiguity in the report following a comprehensive two-year inquiry. She concluded,

“Our findings are unequivocal. Racism, class-based discrimination, elitism, and sexism are widespread and deep-rooted.”

In sum, this response represents a bold and decisive set of actions that signify a determined effort to make cricket an inclusive and equitable sport for all. It acknowledges past shortcomings while seizing the opportunity to move forward collectively towards a brighter, more inclusive future for cricket.

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