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Fans react to ‘Ali Sethi not singing PSL 8 anthem’

Ali Sethi not to sing PSL 8 anthem
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Fans of Pakistani singer Ali Sethi were disappointed to hear the news that he will not be singing the anthem for the upcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 8 due to a potential conflict of interest. Many had been eagerly anticipating his performance, as he has previously produced popular songs such as Pasoori.

Some fans expressed their disappointment on social media, with many calling for the PCB to reconsider their decision. Some fans were really looking forward to hearing Ali Sethi’s anthem and find it such a shame that he won’t be singing. While others believe and think it’s a bad decision; Ali Sethi’s singing would have been a great addition to the PSL 8.

Others praised Ali Sethi for standing by his principles and declining the offer to avoid any conflict of interest with his father’s position in the PCB. They respect Ali Sethi’s decision, it takes a lot of integrity to turn down an opportunity like this.

The PSL anthem has been a source of much anticipation among fans in the past, with many eagerly awaiting its release. This year, fans are still excited for the anthem, but many are sad that Ali Sethi won’t be a part of it.

Despite the disappointment, fans are still looking forward to the upcoming PSL 8 tournament, which promises to be an exciting event with many talented players taking part.

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