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Germany started with a 10-wickets win over Italy in the Spanish T20I Tri-Series 2022

Germany vs Italy, Spanish T20I Tri-Series, November 2022

The Grizzly Bear European Cricket International (ECI) Spanish T20I Tri-Series 2022 started today, November 4, 2022. The first match in the tournament was between Germany and Italy where Germany took an easy win over Italy of 10 wickets chasing the target of 108 runs.

Italy, after winning the toss elected to bat first in the game. In the bowling of Germany, Italy was able to make only 107 runs at the loss of 10 wickets playing full overs.

Italy opened the inning with Grant Stewart and Dinuk Samarawickrama. Grant played an inning of 54 runs off 40 balls to Italy while the other opener was able to make a single run off 7 balls.

Marcus Campopiano, Gurpreet Singh and Hasan Ali are the only three batters than Grant Stewart to score in double-digits. Marcus made 18 runs off 25 balls, Gurpreet made 15 runs off 12 balls, and Hasan made 10 not-out runs off 7 balls.

Germany utilized 6 bowlers in the game where Muslim Ashraf took the maximum of 3 wickets for the team. Rasul Ahmadi and Walter Behr took two wickets each. And, Justin Board took a wicket for Germany. Two wickets to Germany came from run-outs.

Germany upon chasing the target of 108 runs in the second inning with 20 overs in hand, was able to win the game in the 14th over.

Two openers for Germany, Justin Broad and Talha Khan made the second inning for the team. Talha made 69(59) and Justin made 27(27).

Italy tested seven different bowlers to bowl against Germany but no one was able to take wickets against Germany before Germany finished the game at 13.5 overs placing 109/0 on the board.

The series contains 6 matches in total.

The second game of the tournament also featured both Germany and Italy. Italy winning the toss in the second game, too, of the tournament, elected to bat first. Batting first, Italy was able to make 146 runs at the loss of 6 wickets playing full overs.

Opener Grant Stewart provided a massive start to Italy in the game. He smashed 76 off 33 balls including 2 Fours and 9 Sixes. Marcus Campopiano played an inning of 42*(52) that helped Italy put a respectable target on the board.
Dieter Klein and Sri Vishnu Barathi took two wickets each in the game for Germany while Muslim Ashraf took a wicket for the team in the game.

Chasing the target in the second inning, Germany was able to win the match in the 18th over. Germany made 149/2 at 17.2 overs and win another game against Italy.

Justin Broad, an opener, played a massive inning of 52(35) for Germany. Another opener from Germany, Talha Khan played an inning of 28(22). Joshua van Heerden made 42(37) and the captain Michael Richardson made 15(12) for Germany.

Italy used 8 different bowlers against Germany in the second game. Damith Kosala and Achintha Denuwan were the two players from Italy to take wickets against Germany in the second game.

Germany is currently at the top of the table with 4 points. Italy is in the last position with -4 points. The host, Spain, will play their very first match of the tournament tomorrow, 5 November 2022. Spain will play against Italy in the first match tomorrow. Spain will then play against Germany, too, tomorrow, in the second match of the day.