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Highest team totals in ODI World Cup history

Highest team totals in ODI World Cup history
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As cricket enthusiasts around the globe celebrate the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 buzzing the stage in India, it’s the perfect time to revisit some of the most memorable moments in the history of the tournament.

While the thrill of individual brilliance often takes center stage, the collective efforts of teams have also given rise to extraordinary achievements. In this article, we explore the highest team totals ever recorded in the ODI World Cup.

Highest team totals recorded in ODI World Cup history

Australia’s Batting Show – 428/5 vs Sri Lanka (7 Oct 2023):

Score: 428/5
Overs: 50.0
Run Rate: 8.56
Innings: 1st
Opposition: Sri Lanka
Ground: Delhi
Match Date: October 7, 2023

In the 2023 ICC World Cup, a record-breaking moment occurred when South Africa amassed a staggering total of 428/5 in their allotted 50 overs, registering a remarkable run rate of 8.56. This outstanding performance came in a match against Sri Lanka held in Delhi on October 7, 2023. South Africa’s explosive batting display not only set a new high in the tournament’s history but also highlighted their dominance on the field, leaving cricket enthusiasts in awe of their formidable capabilities.

Australia’s Dominance – 417/6 vs Afghanistan (4 Mar 2015):

Score: 417/6
Overs: 50.0
Run Rate: 8.34
Innings: 1
Opposition: Afghanistan
Ground: Perth
Match Date: 4 Mar 2015

Australia, a powerhouse in world cricket, showcased their batting prowess in the 2015 World Cup against Afghanistan. Their staggering total of 417/6 left spectators in awe, highlighting the ruthlessness of their batting lineup.

India’s Demolition – 413/5 vs Bermuda (19 Mar 2007):

Score: 413/5
Overs: 50.0
Run Rate: 8.26
Innings: 1
Opposition: Bermuda
Ground: Port of Spain
Match Date: 19 Mar 2007

In a match that showcased India’s dominance, they posted an imposing total of 413/5 against Bermuda during the 2007 World Cup. The Indian batsmen were in sublime form, dismantling the opposition with their breathtaking strokeplay.

South Africa’s Command – 411/4 vs Ireland (3 Mar 2015):

Score: 411/4
Overs: 50.0
Run Rate: 8.22
Innings: 1
Opposition: Ireland
Ground: Canberra
Match Date: 3 Mar 2015

South Africa, known for their all-round cricketing prowess, unleashed a batting onslaught against Ireland in the 2015 World Cup. Their total of 411/4 highlighted their ability to dominate any opposition on their day.

South Africa’s Firepower – 408/5 vs West Indies (27 Feb 2015):

Score: 408/5
Overs: 50.0
Run Rate: 8.16
Innings: 1
Opposition: West Indies
Ground: Sydney
Match Date: 27 Feb 2015

South Africa’s 408/5 against the West Indies in the 2015 World Cup showcased their batting firepower. The Proteas’ ability to consistently post mammoth totals made them a formidable force in the tournament.

Sri Lanka’s Pinnacle – 398/5 vs Kenya (6 Mar 1996):

Score: 398/5
Overs: 50.0
Run Rate: 7.96
Innings: 1
Opposition: Kenya
Ground: Kandy
Match Date: 6 Mar 1996

Sri Lanka’s journey to the World Cup title in 1996 was marked by their incredible batting performances. Their total of 398/5 against Kenya showcased the prowess of their batting lineup, setting the tone for their triumphant campaign.

As we are cheering for the ongoing World Cup in India, these monumental team totals serve as a reminder of the exhilarating moments that make cricket the captivating sport it is. These records are not just statistics; they represent the determination, skill, and teamwork required to scale the heights of cricketing excellence on the grandest stage of them all.