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“Hopefully we’ll go all the way again!” | Laurie Evans Interview

Laurie Evans Interview
Credit: Perth Scorchers – YouTube

Perth Scorchers star Laurie Evans is excited for the upcoming Big Bash League season, especially with his family by his side in Perth. He talks about his role in the team, the passionate home crowd, and playing in the heat.

Q: How are you feeling ahead of the new season?

A: I’m excited! It’s great to be back in Perth and experience the beaches. Everyone’s been welcoming, and I’m looking forward to playing in front of the home crowd.

Q: You’ve got your family here too. Anything you’re looking forward to doing together?

Laurie Evans: We’ve got our son Josh into AFL and swimming. Hopefully, he’ll be surfing by the time we go home!

Q: You only played one game in Perth last season. How excited are you for five home games this year?

Laurie Evans: Very excited! The crowd here is incredibly passionate. I watched the semi-final against the Stars 10 years ago, and it was amazing.

Q: Did you see last year’s final? What did you think?

A: I did. It was great to see young Cooper and Hobbart get us over the line. It’s the DNA of this franchise – young, homegrown talent. And guys like that getting us over the line is incredible.

Q: You had some clutch performances last season. How do you see yourself fitting into the lineup this year?

Laurie Evans: Hopefully similar. I can bat anywhere from 1 to 9. I’ll just slot in and do anything that’s asked of me. The goal is to contribute as much as possible and create a good environment. Hopefully, we’ll go all the way again!

Q: What are you most looking forward to this season?

A: Being in a non-COVID environment with my family here is special. Perth holds a strong place in my heart, so it’s nice to be back playing in front of the home crowd and meeting everyone involved in the franchise.

Q: The BBL final had a record crowd last year. How much are you looking forward to that support at your home games?

Laurie Evans: It’s an amazing stadium, very hot! I hear the ground temperature was high in the closing stages of that game, but not as hot as Hobbart’s and Cooper’s bats!

Q: How are you feeling about a potential 40°C Christmas Day compared to the UK?

Laurie Evans: Fortunately, I’ve had experience with Australian heat. I played grade cricket here for almost 10 years. My wife Verity has never had a hot Christmas, so I’m trying to get her used to the idea of a beach day and embracing the festive season Aussie-style.

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Laurie Evans is excited for the season ahead. He’s confident in the Scorchers’ ability to succeed and looking forward to playing in front of the passionate home crowd. With his family by his side and plenty of experience in the heat, Evans is ready to contribute to the Scorchers’ success in BBL12.