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TATA Group Scores Big: Bags IPL Title Sponsorship for Record INR 2500 Crore

IPL Title Sponsorship for Record INR 2500 Crore
Credit: IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) just hit a six with a record-breaking sponsorship deal! The TATA Group, a powerhouse in diverse industries, has secured the coveted title sponsorship rights for the next five seasons (2024-28) in a staggering deal worth INR 2500 crore. This marks the highest sponsorship sum in IPL history, solidifying the league’s position as a global sporting powerhouse.

TATA Group and IPL: A Winning Partnership Extends

This isn’t TATA Group’s first foray into the IPL. They previously held the title sponsorship in 2022 and 2023, and are also the champions behind the Women’s Premier League, the biggest women’s T20 league in the world. This renewed association signifies a strong mutual respect and commitment to excellence.

BCCI and IPL Officials Ecstatic

BCCI Honorary Secretary Mr. Jay Shah expressed his elation at the partnership, stating that the IPL and TATA Group share a common spirit of growth, innovation, and a dedication to excellence. He further highlighted the unprecedented financial commitment as a reflection of the IPL’s global impact.

IPL Chairperson Mr. Arun Singh Dhumal echoed the sentiment, calling the collaboration a significant milestone and hailing the record-breaking sum as proof of the IPL’s immense value and appeal. He also emphasized the commitment to providing fans with unparalleled cricketing entertainment.

Cricket Fans Rejoice!

This monumental deal promises exciting times ahead for the IPL. With the TATA Group’s backing and the league’s continuous evolution, cricket enthusiasts can expect a truly unparalleled cricketing experience. So, get ready for five years of thrilling action, as TATA Group and IPL join forces to rewrite the record books!