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Is This the Worst Ever? Leaked India T20 World Cup Jersey Sparks Outrage

Leaked India T20 World Cup Jersey
Leaked India T20 World Cup Jersey

Excitement for the T20 World Cup is at an all-time high in India. With the squad already announced, fans eagerly awaited the official jersey reveal. But the internet took a surprising turn when a supposed T20 World Cup jersey design leaked online, sparking a wave of reactions – not all positive.

The leaked image, reported by Hindustan Times, features a V-neck jersey with the tricolor – green, white, and saffron stripes. Bold saffron sleeves with the classic Adidas stripes complete the look. While unique, fan reception seems less than enthusiastic.

This isn’t the BCCI and Adidas’ first foray into unique jersey designs for different formats. Cricket fans will remember the collared ODI jersey with tiger stripes, symbolizing India’s on-field dominance. The T20 jersey reportedly incorporated the Ashoka Chakra, a symbol of national pride. Both jerseys shared the common theme of shoulder stripes.

The leaked T20 World Cup jersey, however, seems like a departure. Social media, unsurprisingly, has become a platform for passionate opinions. Comments under leaked photos reveal disappointment, with fans calling it “not good” or even the “worst jersey ever.” One user jokingly remarked it looked more like a “training kit” than a global tournament jersey.

It’s important to remember this is a leaked image, and the BCCI hasn’t confirmed its authenticity. The official reveal might surprise fans with a completely different design. However, the leak highlights the intense passion Indian cricket fans have for their team’s attire. The jersey is more than clothing; it’s a symbol of national pride and a way for fans to showcase their support.

Whether the leaked design is final or not, one thing is certain: the BCCI and Adidas will be hoping for a warmer reception when the official kit is unveiled. After all, a team that looks good on the field plays just as well.