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No DRS To Be Used In BPL 2022

BPL 2022 will not have the Decision Review System (DRS) technology since the board couldn’t bring in technicians from abroad due to the pandemic. The T20 league will see a foreign umpire and a local umpire officiating in the matches.

“We cannot use the DRS in BPL due to the Covid situation. Now they (technicians) can’t fly. Their two teams are now in two countries, they will not be able to come to Bangladesh in this situation from there. Hawk-Eye Company is the sole provider of DRS in the world. No one wants to come because of Omicron,” he stated.

“There is nothing to discuss with the franchises about DRS. We did not get DRS and we will let them know. It’s true that the tournament might lose some of its appeal without DRS but there is nothing to do. We wanted full capacity of crowds in BPL. We also got permission from the government but everything changed because of Omicron,” Mallick added.

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