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Pakistan Cricket Team; No more False coins

Cricket is more than a game; it has always been an emotion shared by a nation. Pakistan -drowning in economic crisis, divided by the economical, political and religious crisis- there has always been hardly a thing that leads the nation to focus on the very same goal, but ‘Cricket’ is an emotion which bounds the nation apart from existing social differences.

The T20 2021 Pakistan’s campaign started on the 24th of October in which the perfect blend of Babar Azam and Muhammad Rizwan proved to be the destructive opening pair, chasing down a target against India, registered a victory in a perfect running chase; adding to the spices, Shaheen Shah Afridi confirmed dismissals of renowned Indian Batters and managed to stay in headlines for all the right reasons.

 Following previous distrust on the selection of pacer ‘Haris Rauf’, Kite-flying hitter ‘Asif Ali’,  and exhilarating knocker ‘Fakhar Zaman’, being recognized as weak links for the Green. Had it not been these three names perceived to be “False coins” previously? Could we really set our ground for the semi-finals had it not been ‘Haris Rauf’ taking four potential wickets to keep the Blackcaps at bay? Furthermore, when Pakistan locked horns with Afghanistan, ‘Asif Ali’ came out at a time when the team was under pressure; relieving it by hitting a couple of dazzling sixes. Last but not the least, we shouldn’t resist acknowledging ‘Fakhar Zaman’ who had been a stammer until the Big match day. Scoring half-a-century off 32 deliveries in a knock that received high applaud. Could we really assign a reasonable target to Australia had it not been Fakhar Zaman changing the course of the match single-handedly?

 Currently, the thing that needs thought is that cricket is not like tennis or badminton. It’s a team game in which not all the players perform. Just like Hassan Ali, not all the players have their ‘lucky day’. Instead of mourning over the lost catch by him, we should focus on what propelled Pakistan to the semi-finals? There were the same ‘so-called False coins’ who fought nail and tooth to make the nation proud, making us reach the semi-finals.

It is time to ask ourselves, have we really lost the game? To this question, each and every Pakistani would feel that they haven’t lost and they actually are ‘Emotionally Victorious’ in the t20 world cup 2021.  It’s a proud moment and it would be undoubtedly this ‘Emotional victory’ that would lead us to attain ‘Practical victory’ in the years to come. All we need is to believe in ourselves and give confidence to our players because none of them is a ‘False coin’ for real.

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