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Peshawar Zalmi disclose much-anticipated supernova jersey for PSL 8

Peshawar Zalmi, a Pakistani cricket team, has just unveiled its new kits for the upcoming Pakistan Super League season. The launch event featured the team’s captain and star player, Babar Azam, who made a unique fashion statement. The launch video combined cricket, music, and fashion elements and included the song “Seal” by Evolution, recorded with Red Bull Records.

The playing, replacement, and training kits were all introduced at the event. The playing and alternate kits feature the colour yellow, which is also the colour of the team’s fan club, Yellow Storm. The training kit pays tribute to Peshawar, the team’s home city, with a design that resembles the city of flowers. The national animal of Pakistan, the Markhor, is also featured on the training kit.

According to Noshirwan Effendi, Chief Commercial Officer of Peshawar Zalmi, the launch video was a perfect blend of cricket, music, and fashion. Javed Afridi, Chairman of Peshawar Zalmi, added that the training kit was designed to honour the team’s hometown of Peshawar.

The training kit also showcases the team’s mascot, the Markhor, in a bold and dynamic pose, surrounded by the team’s signature yellow. The Markhor, a type of wild goat native to Pakistan, is known for its strength and resilience, qualities that the team hopes to embody on the field.

The unveiling of the Peshawar Zalmi kits is a highly anticipated event for fans of the team and the PSL. The kits are a crucial part of the team’s identity and are often seen as a reflection of the team’s ambition and determination to succeed. With the kits now revealed, fans can look forward to seeing their favourite players take the field in style and with renewed energy as they strive to win the PSL trophy.