Pitch controversy erupts as World Cup 2023 final approaches

Pitch controversy erupts as World Cup 2023 final approaches
Image via ICC

The stage is set for the much-anticipated World Cup 2023 final at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on 19th November, where cricket powerhouses Australia and India will battle for glory. India, hungry for their first ICC trophy since 2013, will face a formidable Australian team aiming to clinch their sixth World Cup title. As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the showdown, a cloud of controversy hovers over the pitch.

The pitch controversy took center stage before the World Cup 2023 semifinal clash between India and New Zealand. Reports surfaced that the originally designated fresh pitch was swapped for another, sparking concerns and raising eyebrows. The alteration raised questions about whether the change was intended to favor the Indian spinners. Despite New Zealand expressing reservations about the last-minute switch, India emerged triumphant in the semifinal, securing their spot in the final.

The cricketing community, including numerous experts, has been buzzing with discussions about the pitch controversy. Even the International Cricket Council (ICC) acknowledged the change, asserting that there is no specific rule prohibiting last-minute pitch alterations in knockout games. According to the ICC, the decision to change the pitch was made with the approval of their pitch consultant, Andy Atkinson. This revelation adds a layer of legitimacy to the alteration, as the governing body emphasizes that such changes are not uncommon in lengthy tournaments like the World Cup.

However, the controversy deepens as it comes to light that Andy Atkinson, the pitch consultant, was conspicuously absent during the crucial phase when the pitch was being prepared for the high-stakes clash. An ICC source clarified that Atkinson, who accompanied the ICC delegation earlier, did not make it to the ground that day but is expected to be available the following day to assess the track’s preparation. This revelation adds a twist to the narrative, leaving room for speculation and further fueling the debate surrounding the pitch controversy.

Why was Pat Cummins taking picture of the pitch in the midst of pitch controversy?

As the countdown to the World Cup 2023 final reached its climax, a curious incident unfolded at Narendra Modi Stadium. Australian skipper Pat Cummins was spotted meticulously taking pictures of the pitch, a mere 24 hours before the highly anticipated showdown against India. This unexpected move by Cummins raised eyebrows among fans and cricket experts alike.

Speculation is rife that Cummins might be safeguarding photographic evidence to ensure that the pitch remains unaltered leading up to the final. The prevailing theory suggests that he could potentially compare the photographs taken in advance with the actual state of the pitch during the crucial moments of the match.

This intriguing development has added an extra layer of intrigue to the ongoing pitch controversy, leaving both supporters and analysts pondering the captain’s motives as the cricketing world braces for the pinnacle clash between Australia and India.

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