This player loses INR 1 Crore IPL contract due to a blunder

This player loses INR 1 Crore IPL contract due to a blunder

Jharkhand’s promising wicketkeeping batter, Sumit Kumar, faced a shocking turn of events as he lost a lucrative INR 1 crore IPL contract due to a glaring error by the Delhi Capitals franchise. During the auction on December 19, the team showcased Sumit Kumar’s picture during the bidding process, even sharing a congratulatory post on social media that was later deleted.

Sumit speaks up on losing INR 1 crore IPL contract

The mix-up continued as the franchise later posted a picture of another player with the same name but hailing from Haryana. Expressing his dismay, Sumit Kumar revealed that the confusion extended beyond social media and impacted other digital platforms. Earlier, the good news left Sumit’s mother emotional and tearful, delivering this news to him over a phone call.

“My mother was so happy. She was continuously praying for me. But how is this possible? I agree that the names can be the same but what about the photo that was flashed on the television screen? My photo was there, my name was there,”

“They put my photo on their Instagram handle as well. They searched for me. They tagged me as well. When I got the notification, I was 100 percent confident. But when they deleted it after a couple of hours, I was confused and shocked,”

The young cricketer expressed his shock and disappointment, especially considering such an error coming from a prominent team like Delhi Capitals. Sumit Kumar, whose base price was 20 lakhs, had been successfully auctioned to Delhi for an impressive INR 1 crore, making the mishap even more disheartening for him and his entire family.

“I failed to console my mother. She was so emotional. She was so happy after seeing my name and photo on the television screen and then this shocking incident happened. Delhi Capitals are a big team. I didn’t expect them to play with a cricketer’s emotions. My family and I felt too bad about it,”

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