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PSL 2023 tentative schedule

The Pakistan Super League’s 2023 edition is revolving just around the corner, with the reports revealing Multan as the venue to host the opening ceremony and the opener. Alongside the venue confirmation, the reports have been revealing that the first match might take place on February 13th. However, it was earlier decided that the eighth edition of the marquee league will be played between February 9th and March 19th.

As per reports, the action will move to Karachi in the second match, whereas it will return again to Multan for the third match. From the tentative schedule, it is understood that teams will tend to stay in separate cities if the matches will take place at separate venues on alternate days in a short span. As reported by Cricket Pakistan, defending champions Lahore Qalandars will lock horns with Multan Sultans in the opener.

Let’s take an eye toward the complete PSL 2023 schedule, which is subject to change once the official announcement comes up. Meanwhile, it should be noted that the event will be played across four venues, including Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Multan.

PSL 2023 tentative schedule

PSL 2023 tentative schedule
1st matchMultan Feb 13th
2nd match KarachiFeb 14th
3rd match Multan  Feb 15th
4th matchKarachiFeb 16th
5th match Multan  Feb 17th
6th match  KarachiFeb 18th
7th matchKarachi Feb 19th
8th match Multan Feb 19th
9th match Karachi Feb 20th
10th matchKarachi Feb 21st
11th match Multan Feb 22nd
12th match Karachi Feb 23rd
13th match KarachiFeb 24th
Break Feb 25th
14th match Karachi Feb 26th
15th match Lahore Feb 26th
17th match Lahore Feb 27th
Break Feb 28th
18th match Rawalpindi March 1st
19th match Lahore March 2nd
20th matchRawalpindi March 3rd
21st match LahoreMarch 4th
22nd matchRawalpindiMarch 5th
23rd matchRawalpindiMarch 6th
24th match Rawalpindi March 7th
25th match RawalpindiMarch 7th
26th match RawalpindiMarch 8th
27th match Rawalpindi March 9th
28th match Rawalpindi March 10th
29th march RawalpindiMarch 11th
30th matchLahore March 12th
Play-offs LahoreMarch 15th
Final LahoreMarch 19th

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