Riyan Parag: I’m going to play for India, I don’t really care when

Riyan Parag: I'm going to play for India, I don't really care when
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Riyan Parag is cricket’s new kid on the block, and he’s not afraid to say it. The 22-year-old batter just crushed the IPL season with the Rajasthan Royals, scoring a massive 573 runs. But for Parag, this is just the beginning of his dream.

“I’m gonna play for India. No doubt about it,” Parag declares, his confidence echoing in every word. It’s not arrogance, he clarifies, but a belief he’s harbored since he started playing cricket at 10 with his dad, a former cricketer himself. Their plan? Dominate the sport, together.

The road to the IPL wasn’t always smooth. Parag’s past seasons were riddled with pressure and unfulfilled expectations. But this year, something clicked. The Royals set him to his favorite batting position, No. 4, and Parag exploded. It was like watching him play back home in Assam – free, confident, and hungry to prove himself.

Now, with the T20 World Cup around the corner, Parag’s eyes are set on the Indian jersey. He doesn’t care when it happens, next tour or a year from now. “That’s the selector’s job,” he shrugs. His focus? Earning that spot, pure and simple.

The season wasn’t all sunshine and sixes, though. The Royals’ dream run ended with a heartbreaking loss in the Eliminator. “I was super sad,” Parag admits. But the disappointment is laced with a newfound determination. He’s showes his prowess in the big domestic Indian leagues, and he wants more.

Parag’s story is one of persistent belief. He’s seen the lows, but never let go of the dream his 10-year-old self held close. It’s a message to every aspiring cricketer – believe in yourself, no matter what. With skill, hard work, and that untiring belief, Riyan Parag is all set to take the cricket world by storm.

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