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Sethi orders to clear all payments, including those of PJL players

The newly-elected chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Mr Najam Sethi, has announced clearing all due payments to all the players, including the PJL players, officials, staff, and coaches. His announcement came through a tweet which stated that he had ordered the apex board to clear the payments as soon as possible.

Najam was quick to take action as one of the Pakistan Junior League’s players, Shamyl Hussain, replied to ex-chairman Ramiz Raja’s tweet that they were not paid as promised. Ramiz’s tweet considered mourning over dismissing his dream project, while a journalist backed continuing the competitive league in a cost-friendly manner, to which the Islamabad-born player replied that they were not paid at all.

According to Najam’s tweet,

I am pleased to report that @TheRealPCB has been ordered to immediately clear all outstanding payments of contracted players and employees pending since last regime.

It has also been reported that multiple domestically contracted players have also complained about the payments issues. Not more than two weeks since Najam got appointed as PCB chairman, he has been looking after the matters in depth.

One of Najam’s development was to eliminate PJL from PCB’s plans as, according to him, it did not pay off and cost the board financially. Meanwhile, the ex-chairman understands that through PJL, the board was able to dig skilful players who made it into PSL and even to the national squad.