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Social Media Reacts: Arshdeep Singh receives criticism from Indian fans

After Pakistan won the match against India in the Super 4 phase, Arshdeep Singhs received severe criticism from Indian fans. Arshdeep dropped the crucial catch in the 18th over of PAK vs IND in T20 Asia Cup. Asif survived as his catch was dropped by Arshdeep Singh. If Arshdeep hadn’t dropped that catch, India would have won the game. Whereas because of that catch drop, Pakistan was able to win the game by 5 wickets with 1 ball to spare.

Not only that, Rohit Sharma, the Indian Captain also yelled at him for his performance. Indian fans took Twitter by storm and started criticizing him for his performance and religion discriminated against the Sikh player.

Let’s take a look at the severe criticism by the Indian fans:

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