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‘T20 World Cup should only be hosted by West Indies and the USA’ – Tournament’s director reveals his dream

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Fawwaz Baksh, the tournament director for the T20 World Cup 2024, is on a mission to make this edition the biggest and most successful yet. Since the opening of the public ballot for tickets, an astonishing 1.2 million applications have flooded in from 126 countries. What’s even more remarkable is that 900,000 of these applications hail from just two countries, the West Indies and the USA.

This marks a significant milestone as it’s the first time the USA will be hosting, with both the West Indies and the USA serving as co-hosts. Baksh is determined not to repeat the low attendance mistakes of the 2007 tournament hosted solely by the West Indies. To ensure accessibility, tickets are priced as low as $6, making it affordable for fans from all walks of life.

Moreover, the tournament has expanded from 16 to 20 countries, with matches spread across six Caribbean venues and three in the USA, aiming to promote cricket in the region. In an interview with Reuters, Baksh expressed his confidence in the partnership between the West Indies and the USA, calling it a “recipe for success.”

He emphasized the vibrant party atmosphere associated with West Indian cricket matches and encouraged fans to expect not only great cricket but also a memorable experience. The decision to introduce cricket to the USA, a new market for the sport, was met with uncertainty initially.

However, the overwhelming response from both expats and locals has been incredibly encouraging for Baksh and his team. Baksh believes that making tickets attractive and accessible is key to attracting fans and revitalizing cricket in both the West Indies and the USA.

“If you want to introduce the sport in the U.S., if you want to revitalise cricket in the West Indies, you have to get the fans here,” he said.

“And the only way you can get the fans here is by making tickets attractive, making them accessible.”

He envisions the T20 World Cup becoming synonymous with these two regions, with fans worldwide clamoring for future editions to be hosted there. As the tournament unfolds, Baksh remains steadfast in his goal to solidify the West Indies and the USA as premier hosts for the T20 World Cup, leaving a lasting legacy for cricket enthusiasts around the globe.

“When the tournament is over, people all across the world will say ‘T20 World Cup should only be hosted in the West Indies and the U.S.’’

“That’s our goal and that’s what we’re going to make it.”

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