The Hundred

The Hundred Tournament Structure

Eight city-based teams competed for the first title over a month between 21 July and 21 August 2021, ensuring that the competition took place during the school summer holidays. Aside from the opening two fixtures featuring the Oval Invincibles vs the Manchester Originals, all men’s and women’s matches were held on the same day at the same grounds.

In total there were 32 matches in the league. Each team played four matches at home and four matches away, This will include one match against every other side and then a second bonus match against their nearest regional rivals.

Once the league table was settled the top three teams competed in playoffs to decide the ultimate champion. The second and third teams met in a semi-final, played at the Oval. The winner of the semi-final met the team that finished top of the league in the final at Lord’s, where they competed to be crowned champions.