The opening match in GT20 reached record-high viewership worldwide

By on July 27, 2019

Following its debut season in 2018, Global T20 Canada has arrived bigger, better and stronger this year.  Season 2 saw a surge in viewership of 12 times more viewers from last year’s opening match compared to viewers worldwide in this year’s opening match, while in-person attendance reached almost full-house in the 5,000-seat stadium.

Day 3 of the tournament starts tomorrow July 27, featuring the Toronto Nationals and the Edmonton Royals at 12:30 PM EST, and the Montreal Tigers and the Brampton Wolves at 4:30 PM EST.  

Jump in attendance and record-high viewership

“It was wonderful to see so much enthusiasm and support, and an almost full house at our opening match.  We project that at least 100,000 tickets will be sold by the time we reach the finals, which significantly surpasses last year,” Gurmeet Singh, Chairman of the tournament says.  

“We are sold out for our 3rd day and based on these current trends in attendance, we are optimistic that we will surpass last year’s total numbers on attendance and viewership by the 5th day of the tournament,” Singh added.

This year, the tournament debuted the GT20 Official Mobile App on Android iOS to create a new fan experience with forward thinking social technology. The organizers project that with this mobile app, viewership will be leveraged to over 1 billion people worldwide.   

With the tournament being broadcasted on TV to 67 countries outside of Canada, and with the use of the mobile app, the organizers aspire to make GT20 the second most-watched and socially engaged sporting event on all platforms, across the globe.    

No on-site parking, Park n’ Ride with GT20

While organizers are thankful for the tremendous enthusiasm the GT20 game is generating as seen in the high numbers of attendance, they are frustrated by the fact that on-site parking is not available to the public.

They have asked the attendees for their understanding and to be patient with the parking situation during this tournament.  “We love this game, but it’s hard because we can’t park.  But, the shuttle is reasonable enough,” says Brampton resident Christian Domingo.  Because on-site parking was not available to the public, the organizers tackled this challenge by securing off-site public parking arrangements.

Public parking is available at the International Centre located at 6900 Airport Road in Mississauga, which is 12 minutes away from the CAA Sports Centre, where the games are being played.  Global T20 Canada is offering Park ‘n’ Ride shuttle service between the International Centre and the CAA Centre.  The shuttle service runs frequently and continuously throughout the day.

Parking at the International Centre is free until this Sunday, July 28.  Starting from Monday, July 29, there will be a fee of $10 per car, which also comes with one shuttle ticket (roundtrip).

“We understand this parking arrangement is a challenge.  We tried to secure parking on-site, but this situation was out of our control.  We have been trying our best to accommodate the needs of our game watchers so that the shuttles would run smoothly in order for them to enjoy the games,” said Jason Harper, Tournament Director of Global T20 Canada.

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