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BBL 2023-24: Tom Curran Says He is Genuinely Sorry

BBL 2023-24: Tom Curran Says He is Genuinely Sorry
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England cricketer Tom Curran has accepted the outcome of the appeal regarding the four-match sanction imposed after an incident on December 11. The Code of Conduct Commissioner’s findings were acknowledged in resolving the matter. Rachael Haynes, Head of Sydney Sixers, supports Curran but makes it clear that disrespect toward match officials is not condoned.

Describing the incident as regrettable, Curran has expressed remorse for his actions. The appeal aimed to challenge the initial decision, citing precedents from past Code of Conduct cases. Haynes clarified that while Curran breached the code, they believed the charge was inconsistent with other offences.

Acknowledging constraints faced during the appeal process, apologies were offered for the delay in addressing the incident. Curran’s statement expressed regret for the Launceston incident, detailing events leading up to it, including a light moment with Umpire Quereshi during bat measurements. Curran admitted the interaction caught him off guard during his intense pre-match routine.

“The interaction with Umpire Quesrshi took me by surprise at a time when I was very focused on my pre-match routine. I deeply regret the way I reacted to it and the resultant impact for Umpire Quereshi, the Sydney Sixers, and myself personally.”

Apologies were extended to those affected, and Curran expressed regret for not discussing the incident during the fixture. He also apologized for continuing to practice his run-up in the direction of Umpire Quereshi, reflecting on the possibility that Quereshi might have perceived an intention for physical contact.

“With the benefit of hindsight, I also could have approached Umpire Quereshi during the fixture to discuss the interaction, hear his perspective, and offer mine. I regret not doing this.”

Looking forward to returning on January 3 in Coffs Harbour, Curran emphasized his commitment to continue the season positively. The overall tone of the statement is regretful and apologetic, characterizing the incident as an anomaly in Curran’s professional career.

“I am genuinely sorry that I chose to continue to practice my run-up in the direction of Umpire Quereshi and if he ever thought I sought to make physical contact with him. I look forward to returning on January 3 in Coffs Harbour to do what I love and what I keep coming back to Australia to do and continue the season that we are having.”

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