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Uswa’s story is a reminder that cricket is a sport for everyone, regardless of gender or culture

Uswa Syed Cricketer in Spain

Uswa Syed is a Pakistani cricketer who plays for the Spain women’s national cricket team. She is a passionate cricketer who has overcome cultural challenges to pursue her dream of playing the sport.

Uswa’s brother, Hashim Mir, is a 21-year-old cricketer who plays for the Kotli Lions in the Kashmir Premier League. He was instrumental in encouraging Uswa to play cricket, despite the fact that it is not typically seen as a sport for girls in their culture.

Uswa’s father eventually gave her permission to play cricket, and she has since gone on to achieve great things. She has played for boys’ teams and is now a member of the Spain women’s national cricket team.

Uswa is also helping to develop women’s cricket in Barcelona. She is excited about the new sports ground that is being built, which will provide a dedicated space for women to train and play cricket.

Uswa Shared her thoughts

“It’s a good thing for us because we don’t have proper training sessions & every time we need different grounds to play. Maybe every Saturday we try to play but only for two hours.

“We need more & more practice maybe three times a week now because we’re on the national team. Now we have a ground & I’m excited we will start training sessions in December.”

Ultimately, Uswa’s happy she’s playing at all: “Cricket is my passion & there’s a lot of girls, who also want to play cricket but they can’t so it’s really sad.

“Sometimes I’m really sad about them but we can’t do anything because everyone has different thoughts.”

Uswa is a role model for other girls who want to play cricket. She shows that it is possible to overcome cultural challenges and pursue your dreams.

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