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West Indies set to face this team in Over 40s Cricket Global Cup final

Semifinalists of Over40s Cricket Global Cup Decided

Pakistan and West Indies have punched their tickets to the highly anticipated final of the Over 40s Cricket Global Cup, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown that cricket enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating. The semi-finals showcased exceptional performances from both teams, solidifying their positions in the ultimate face-off.

In the riveting clash between Pakistan and Australia, Pakistan displayed a dominant exhibition of their cricket prowess. Opting to bat first, Pakistan set an imposing target of 401 runs for Australia. The standout star of the match was none other than Abdul Razzaq, whose incredible innings left the cricket world in awe. He amassed a staggering 195 runs from a mere 120 balls, a feat punctuated by an astounding 22 fours and 11 sixes.

Complementing Razzaq’s brilliance, Amjad Ali made a significant contribution with a century, notching up 103 runs, while Tasavur Abbas added fuel to the fire with a fiery 67 runs off just 23 balls. Pakistan concluded their innings with a commanding total of 400 runs for the loss of six wickets. Chris Dickson and Steve Falson of Australia managed to take two wickets each, but it was Abdul Qadir who shone brightest, taking five wickets for Pakistan. This outstanding performance ultimately led to a resounding victory for the home side, with a margin of 252 runs.

Abdul Qadir’s consistency in this tournament cannot be understated, as he has been a match-winner for Pakistan, accumulating an impressive tally of 22 wickets in eight matches so far.

In the other semi-final showdown, West Indies went head-to-head with the USA and secured their coveted spot in the final with a hard-fought three-wicket victory. The USA managed to post a total of 146 runs in their innings, with Captain Muhammad Farrukh emerging as the top scorer with 52 runs.

However, the game took a decisive turn when Mahendra Nagamoto of West Indies showcased his prowess by claiming six crucial wickets during the match. In the chase, West Indies successfully reached the target in the 34th over, with Dave Clement delivering an outstanding performance, accumulating 47 runs to propel his team to the final.

As the stage is set for the final match scheduled for Monday, cricket enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting what promises to be an enthralling battle between two cricketing giants, Pakistan and West Indies. The match will be broadcast live on Geo Super, ensuring that fans around the world don’t miss a moment of the action.

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Semifinalists of Over40s Cricket Global Cup Decided