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What is timed out in cricket?

What is timed out in cricket?
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Timed out in cricket is a method of dismissal that occurs when an incoming batsman is not ready to play within three minutes of the previous batsman being out. It is a very rare dismissal, and has never occurred before in any international match.

The purpose of the law is to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays to the game. If an incoming batsman is not ready to play within three minutes, the umpire will call him timed out. The batsman will then be out, and the next batsman will come in.

There are a few reasons why an incoming batsman might be timed out. For example, he might be talking to the previous batsman, or he might be getting his equipment ready. However, if the umpire believes that the batsman is intentionally delaying the game, he can call him timed out even if less than three minutes have elapsed.

It is important to note that the bowler does not get credit for the wicket if a batsman is timed out. The wicket is simply recorded as “timed out”.

Here is an example of a timed-out dismissal:

  • The previous batsman is out caught behind.
  • The incoming batsman walks to the wicket, but he is not ready to play.
  • The umpire waits for three minutes, but the batsman is still not ready to play.
  • The umpire calls the batsman timed out.
  • The batsman is out, and the next batsman comes in.

Timed out is a very rare dismissal in cricket, but it is an important rule to be aware of.

Who is the First-ever batsman to be called Timed out

Angelo Mathews is the first ever batter to be TIMED OUT in international cricket which has a 146-year-long history!