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Why did we lose in the T20 World Cup Semi-Final?

Pic Credit: The Telegraph

Pakistan lost to Australia in the second semi-final of the T20 world cup and ended its campaign on a low after seeing so much in the group stage where they won 5 out of 5 matches. Pakistan played some excellent cricket in the last three weeks but the postmortem of loss is necessary if we want to learn and not want to repeat our mistakes. Let’s have a look at the mistakes Pakistan made in the match which got Pakistan out of the tournament.

  1. Sometimes too slow batting: Pakistani openers were too sluggish after the good start in the powerplay. Rizwan played a good inning of 67 runs, but he was too slow in the beginning, which pressured Babar Azam and led to his collapse. As 176 runs proved a bit low that should be somewhere between 190 and 195.
  2. Defensive bowling approach: Pakistan played six matches and got only 34 wickets out of 60 which shows they won matches by runs and by the defensive approach but that approach backfired against Australia because they were ultra-aggressive.
  3. Hasan Ali: He was the weakest link of Pakistan in the whole tournament and got hammered by almost every team.
  4. Shaheen Shah Afridi Despite Hasan Ali dropping the catch of Mathew Wade on the bowl, he went for 3 sixes on 3 balls which you cannot expect from an ace bowler. Defensiving 18 of 9 runs isn’t difficult either.
  5. Fielding: Pakistan was not proficient at hitting direct throws as they missed three to four chances of getting batters out and also dropped a crucial catch of Mathew Wade in the penultimate over.
    Even though our team lost, they were competent throughout the tournament. Hope they will learn from their mistake and execute their plans well next time
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