Zalmi Madrasa League – Schedule Announced

The Zalmi Madrasa League, which is an initiative of Peshawar Zalmi through the Zalmi Foundation will take place from 28th-31st August in Peshawar. Chairman, Javed Afridi stated that “the main aim and objective of this league is to promote interfaith harmony among the Madrasa Students of different schools of thoughts and also provide them with a proper platform to showcase their talent.”

After executing the first ever school league and the global league, the number brand of PSL in terms of brand value, Peshawar Zalmi, brings you the first ever cricket Madrasa League, the “Zalmi Madrasa League”, which will take place from (Today) 28th-31st August 2018 in Peshawar.

The Zalmi Madrasa League is the joint venture of Peshawar Zalmi, Zalmi Foundation and the World Council of Religions. The matches will take place from 28th-31st August 2018 in Arbab Niaz Stadium, Peshawar. Another important entity which is making this event possible is the office of the Directorate General of Sports of KP.  Their support in accommodation, transportation and implementation of the event is appreciated. The first match will be played between Al Haq Smashers and AlMaqasid Fighters in Arbab Niaz Stadium on 28th August 2018. The semi-finals and final of the event will take place on 31st August 2018 at Arbab Niaz Stadium.


12 teams will be competing against each other for the final prize. The teams participating are:

Al Haq Smashers

Al Maqasid Fighters

Al Hilal Challengers

Al Wahda Hitters

Al Noor All Rounders

Al Khair Riders

Al Mutahidoon Creatives

Ittehad Peace Builders

Al Fatah Record Sitters

Al Nujoom Risers

Al Qurra Stars

Al Barq Thunders

Chairman Javed Afridi has once again proved that Peshawar Zalmi is not just a cricket franchise but it is an entity that aims to promote sports in KP. Not only this, but the Zalmi Foundation has been involved in many projects to empower the youth and women. Our next objective is to bring in new ways to promote interfaith harmony.

Zalmi Madrasa League is the first step in bringing this objective to life. Javed Afridi said that “Through sports, the message of love, peace and prosperity can be spread throughout the world. Zalmi Madrasa League will not just only provide the youth with a proper cricket platform but will also allow the exchange of ideas and thoughts among the different Madrasa students and promote healthy dialogues. Students belonging to different school of thought, Madrasas, will participate in the Zalmi Madrasa League.