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ECB revises 11 lifetime bans on former New Zealand cricketer

ECB revises 11 lifetime bans on former New Zealand cricketer
Image via NZC

In a surprising turn of events, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has revised the lifetime bans imposed on former New Zealand cricketer, Lou Vincent, for his involvement in match-fixing. Vincent faced a staggering 11 lifetime bans, which had excluded him from participating in any form of cricket at any level. The revision came after he willingly accepted the charges and kept himself away from the game, demonstrating a sense of responsibility.

In 2023, Vincent sought to revisit his bans, and to the astonishment of many, he succeeded. The ECB’s Cricket Discipline Commission (CDC), represented by Elias CBE KC, lifted the bans with immediate effect, allowing Vincent to participate at or below the domestic levels. The decision is a demonstration of Vincent’s efforts to rectify his past mistakes and move forward in his cricketing career.

The ECB’s decision highlights the influence of powerful factors, as outlined in Article 6.8.2 of the ECB Anti-Corruption Code. Vincent’s application for the ban revision was supported by compelling evidence showcasing the highest levels of contrition and remorse. His commitment to making amends wherever possible played a pivotal role in the decision-making process.

ECB states:

“The factors to be taken into account include those in Article 6.8.2 of the ECB Anti-Corruption Code. In this regard, Mr Vincent’s application is supported by the most powerful and compelling evidence demonstrating the very highest levels of contrition and remorse and the very best efforts to make amends wherever possible.”

The newfound opportunity for Lou Vincent to return to cricket is contingent on his immediate and total cooperation with cricket and civil authorities across the globe. Additionally, his active participation in anti-corruption education programs for New Zealand Cricket and the ECB further underscores his commitment to eradicating corruption from the sport.

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