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Germany and Guernsey in the Netherlands, August 2023: Teams, Fixtures, Squads, Venues, Live and many more

Picture: Cricket_Germany/Twitter

Germany and Guernsey are visiting the Netherlands for a total of three matches on 14 and 15 August of this year.


The teams who will take part in the series are:

  1. Germany
  2. Guernsey

Fixtures of the Series:

The fixtures of Germany, Guernsey and Netherlands A in the series is:

14 August 2023: Guernsey vs Germany (1st T20I); Guernsey vs Germany (2nd T20I)

15 August 2023: Guernsey vs Germany (3rd T20I)

Squads of the Series:

Germany: Venkataraman Ganesan (Captain), Abdul Basir Andar, Faisal Bin Mubashir, Fayaz Khan Nasseri, Hamid Wardak, Muslim Yar Ashraf, Rasul Ahmadi, Rohit Singh, Sachin Mandy, Sahir Naqash, Shahid Afridi, Sri Vishnu, Talha Khan and Zahid Zadran

Guernsey: Josh Butler (Captain), Luke Bichard, Matt Stokes, Luke Le Tissier, Adam Martel, Martin Dale-Bradley, Ben Ferbrache, Ollie Nightingale, Ben Fitchet, Tom Kirk, Dane Mullen, Tom Nightingale, David Hopper and Zak Damarell

Venues of the Series:

All the matches of the series will be played in Deventer.

Live of the Series:

The live telecast of the Germany and Guernsey Tour of the Netherlands is likely to be available on the official YouTube channel of the KNCB Cricket.