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Jason Roy, Reece Topley and Laurie Evans on their cricket teammates

Jason Roy Reece Topley and Laurie Evans on their cricket teammates

Jason Roy, Reece Topley, and Laurie Evans, in an exclusive conversation with betwayinsider, reveal the inside track on his England teammates currently going up against India in their tour. India is set to clash against England in a T20I series, starting Thursday.

Who has helped you most with your game?

Laurie Evans: I quite enjoy Hash, Hashim Amla. Just as a calming influence over the dressing room.

Jason Roy: Yeah, the mental side of things, 100%. We’ve been blessed with overseas players that you can’t believe. Kumar Sangakkara, KP, Hash, Ricky Ponting, Graeme Smith.

Who would you trust with a catch to save your life?

Jason Roy: I’m going to put CJ (Chris Jordan) up there. Stick a high ball up there, he’s got good mitts on him.

Laurie Evans: I think you’re pretty good, mate.

Jason Roy: Take a catch, just do my job, mate.

Who is the best at the bleep test?

Jason Roy: Arun Harinath, from my experience, was unbelievable. Joe root could just run for absolute days. 

Who is always last out of the nets?

Laurie Evans: Ben Foakes. Always comes in for a second or third hit. 

Reece Topley: Yeah, Foakesy, 100%. Popey (Ollie Pope) is another one. It takes a long time. 

Who is the best footballer? 

Laurie Evans: Me.

Jason Roy: No, horrendous, mate. Such a bad mover. You cannot move.

Laurie Evans: Vision. 

Jason Roy: What are you on about here? 

Laurie Evans: See the pass, play the pass. 

Reece Topley: Foakesy’s (Ben Foakes) good. 

Who wears the most outrageous helmet?

Jason Roy: There’s a range of genres in that changing room, let’s say that. And I think everyone rocks it. 

Laurie Evans: Reece likes to put himself up there. He’s got a Kanye West album cover on his leg. 

Reece Topley: Edgy. I think its Foakesy. 

Laurie Evans: He hates spending money.

Jason Roy: Do you know what annoys me about him, though? He’s so good-looking. And then he’s like, he just puts his gear on. You’re like, come on, man! Is that too harsh? 

Who is the messiest roommate?

Jason Roy: I roomed with Ollie Pope once. Horrendous. That was tough going. He was a messy puppy, for sure. He took over a lot of room. 

Laurie Evans: Sam Billings is also one of the messiest people I know. 

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