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PCB finalizes venues for Asia Cup: Reports

PCB finalizes venues for Asia Cup: Reports

Pakistan has made arrangements to host Asia Cup cricket matches in Lahore and Multan to mitigate the challenges of traveling and logistics for this short international venture. According to a source within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Lahore will serve as the main venue, with Multan expected to host some matches as well. Efforts are being made to secure a fifth match, although it remains a challenging task given the decision was made by the previous PCB administration.

The official schedule for the Asia Cup is set to be announced in the coming days. Additionally, a unique policy is being developed for spectators attending the remaining matches in Sri Lanka. They will be asked to purchase tickets in dollars, as a significant number of fans from the sub-continent and other parts of the world are expected to travel to Sri Lanka to witness the Asia Cup, particularly the highly anticipated matches between Pakistan and India.

In other news, the PCB is delighted with the ICC revenue adjustment, which grants Pakistan the fourth-largest share after India, Australia, and England. The PCB has consistently sought additional information to better understand the allocation of weightages and distribution calculations during ICC meetings. While the PCB proposed deferring the decision to the next meeting to allow for a more informed decision, it was ultimately passed by the majority of members.

Despite the dissent, the PCB’s strong performance in ICC events and bilateral cricket, coupled with its large fan base and commercial value, secured a significant increase in revenue share. This will enable greater investments in developing cricketing skills and elevating Pakistan cricket to new heights.

Furthermore, productive meetings between Zaka Ashraf, Chair of the PCB’s Management Committee, and officials from other cricket boards were held on the sidelines of the ICC meetings. These discussions focused on collaborations and mutually beneficial programs to enhance cricket development.

On Saturday, the PCB and Asian Cricket Council (ACC) officials met to finalize the schedule for the Asia Cup 2023. The finalized schedule is expected to be announced soon. As the host of the Asia Cup, the PCB eagerly anticipates welcoming cricket fans from around the world and showcasing Pakistan’s renowned hospitality during the opening match in the country.

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