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Promoting peace and talent, Mirpur Royals owner says

By Faizan Shah

Promoting peace and talent, Mirpur Royals owner says

The CEO of Mirpur Royals and UK curry boss Raja Suleman Raza has said that the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) shows the potential for cooperation of nations and how this forum can be used to attain lasting peace.

Suleman Raja, who runs a chain of spicy Asian food with outlets across London, bought Mirpur Royals team for Kashmiri Premier League campaign to pay back to the country he originates from but also to send a message that Britain’s diversity encourages promoting equal opportunities, progress and talent.

Suleman Raza said that he was able to succeed in Britain because of the opportunities he was able to get through hard work and now is the time to pay back to both Britain and Pakistan.

Suleman Raza was speaking to this report after arriving in Azad Kashmiri from London to be with his team which has so far won two matches against their rivals after tough matches.

“For a British national like myself, investing in Mirpur Royals is aimed at investing in the Mirpur community in the UK and the vast Mirpuri community back home with strong ties to the UK. The beauty of the UK’s multi culturalism is that it has help cement ties across the nations and continents like nowhere else in this world,” said the co-owner of Mirpur Royals who has been running his business in the UK for over 15 years.

He said the T20 Format mega cricketing event is aimed at promoting Kashmir’s importance and talent at global level and he thought that he should play his role in the progress of genuine local talent.

He said he bought Mirpur Royals with the intention of provide the young Cricket talent of AJK with a quality platform through which they can exhibit their skills while getting exposure from renowned national and international cricketers which would inspire a whole new generation into positivity.

Suleman Raza said that it emerged in recent days that India cricket Board had asked international players to stay away from the KPL or face consequences.

He appealed to the Indian leadership to come forward and extend the hand of peace through cricket in the alluring landscape of Kashmir. He assured that the KPL is a landmark event for Kashmir as it is provide the world with a new paradigm towards the region and its people, showing the emotional attachments people feel towards Kashmir.

Suleman Raza said that the youth of Kashmir really want Indian players to play in Muzaffarabad and millions of people in India want that too. “Let’s keep politics out of cricket. Let’s build peace. Let’s work towards peace,” he said.
Suleman Raza said that Britain has a history of issues with its neighbours and so is the case with all countries but these countries unite in sports rivalry to support and encourage healthy competition.

Suleman Raza said that he will be visiting Muzaffarabad to be with his team players and will be taking message of mutual co-existence and peace to the region from the UK.