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Virat Kohli’s Memorable Moments In Cricket So Far

Virat Kohli’s Memorable Moments In Cricket So Far

Cricket, religion in India, cannot be replaced by other sports! People love to watch a match of their favorite teams competing in the IPL or at a world-class level. In fact, the fans wait for their famous batsmen to wield a bat and knock the balls out of the field. Admirers wait to check how the bowlers deceive the batsmen with their excellent skills! Words will fall short when Cricket becomes a topic. One of the most admirable players of all time in Indian cricket history is Virat Kohli. This young man has set the benchmark so high that even the top-order batsmen fear to compete with him. His marvelous achievements make him one of the top players sought in Cricket Fantasy. Why wait, then? Let’s take a quick peek into eight of his many amazing feats in various forms of cricket.

Virat Kohli’s Marvelous Cricket Moments

1.   The Adelaide Century

He established his dominance in the world of Cricket in 2014 in Adelaide by scoring a brilliant century as an Indian cricket captain. The Australian tour earmarked his career as the Indian captain scored 115 runs. At that time, the Indians were chasing 517 runs scored by the Australian giant. In the first innings, India scored 444 runs. In the second inning, Virat scored 141 runs in just 175 balls. Even though India lost the match, Virat’s performance etched a permanent memory in the minds of Indian cricket admirers. His twin centuries were a feat hard to forget.

2.   T20 World Cup and IPL 2016

In 2016, Indian fans named him ‘the Run Machine.’ Well, this man did something that shook the entire cricket community of India and abroad. He scored a whopping 900 runs in the whole IPL season. His smashing batting records took the Indian team to the World T20 semi-finals even. Apart from these two forms of Cricket, this man also left his mark in the test format. He scored a huge 251 runs against West Indies in four tests. He also scored 309 runs against New Zealand in only three matches. He then scored 655 runs against the English test giant in the same year. Imagine that happening in the same year. He did not stop and scored a double-century while playing against Bangladesh. These numbers add up to around 1500. Pheww!

3.   India Number 1 in Test Ranking 2018

He was the captain of the Indian Test Cricket Team in 2014 and resigned in 2022. Back then, India was in the 8th position in the test form of Cricket in the world. With his guidance and the dedication of the whole Indian team, India toppled the best rankers and held first on the ranking list. His captaincy led the Indian team to this formidable position in four years. Team India’s feat in test cricket made a mark in Indian history under his captaincy.

4.   Australia T20 World Cup 2016, Mohali

Kohli made a remarkable performance while playing against Australia in 2016. India lost his two tremendous openers right at the beginning of their batting turn. Virat held the crumbling and tumbling batting order and scored 82 out of 51 balls. He was supported by the formidable batsman Yuvraj Singh and later joined by MS Dhoni. He remained unbeaten and led India to victory. Australians scored 160, but the Indian team made a remarkable comeback under his batsmanship.

5.   Test Score against South Africa 2019

It was 2019 when Virat awed his entire fandom with his blasting performance in the test format. India was playing against South Africa. This talented batsman scored 254 unbeaten and took the team’s score to 601 runs. Imagine how the captain met his responsibilities throughout the innings. He shot 2 sixes and 33 boundaries in the match and scored his best.

6.   When He Denied to Strike at 49*

It was the second T20I against the South African team in 2019. Virat was at 49, unbeaten, partnered by Dinesh Kartik. Both were batting in the last over of the inning. Virat could have asked for a run and completed his half-century. In fact, Dinesh wanted to rotate the strike, but he refused. Dinesh was on a killing spree and scored well in that match. India made a Himalayan score of 237. Dinesh blasted and respected the decision Virat made. Virat told Dinesh to remain in the strike position and score. It shows his sportsmanship and dedication toward his teammates.

7.   World Record T20 Partnership

Virat holds the record of the most extraordinary partnership with AB De Villers. They were playing against Gujarat Lions in IPL 2016. Both scored a partnership of 229*. It was the first time two consecutive batsmen scored a century in partnership. Imagine the thrill of the admirers of Virat Kohli creating an IPL history.

8.   First to reach 6000 IPL Runs

Virat is the first batsman to reach the 6000 mark in IPL history. This Run Machine did not stop surprising cricket admirers across the world. His leadership and batsmanship proved his dominance in this form of Cricket. He showed the world who the king was in the field. His consistency is quite admirable and praiseworthy.

The Legacy of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has become the second batsman to score the most centuries worldwide. He is just above Ricky Ponting and below Sachin Tendulkar. His legacy continues and will keep on fascinating the world of Cricket fans. He always amazes the fans with his sportsmanship, batting skills, and captaincy.