Pakistan Super League

Karachi All Set To Host PSL 3 Final

After two successful editions of Pakistan super league, Pakistan cricket board is all set to host the third edition of PSL3. The first edition of the league was held at the United Arab Emirates due to security concern but in second addition Pakistan Cricket board efforts brought back the international player to Pakistan and the final of PSL2 was played in Lahore at Gaddafi Stadium. This year Pakistanis are happier as PCB is hoping to play three matches of PSL in Pakistan including two playoff matches in Lahore and PSL3 final in Karachi.

It was a challenge for PCB itself to bring PSL3 final to Karachi and people were being very negative about it on this Chairmen Pakistan Cricket Board Najam Sethi while addressing to media at PSL3 draft ceremony said “Those who have been saying on the television that Karachi can’t host the PSL final should stop being negative and help us in bringing the PSL final to Karachi,”.

He put all his effort to bring cricket to Karachi, as it is a big challenge to host an international cricket in Karachi as the nearest hotel is minimum 12km away from National stadium Karachi and blocking the whole route for traffic during all teams moment from the hotel to the stadium and it will create hassle for everyone.

But CM Sindh promised to Chairmen PCB that Karachi will host a historical final in this regard full dressed rehearsal for PSL3 finals were held in Karachi on Sunday 11 February 2018. Reg Dickason, the ICC security consultant visited Karachi and observed the security rehearsals.

Reg Dickason was guided by full security plan how the players’ movement will be done from the hotel to Stadium. Further, he was briefed that the shuttle services from three points (Millennium Mall, Hassan Square, and PAF Museum) will be provided to general public coming to the stadium for the PSL3 final and Ariel monitoring of the whole route will be done by Army helicopters.

After observing the security rehearsal Reg Dickason addressing to press conference he said that “From what we have seen today and what was demonstrated and documentation and level of commitment by all of these people here, I am very satisfied.”

“That is not my decision, but by the level of preparation for the PSL3 final is excellent. It is a step forward on a long journey. If the PSL3 final is played in Karachi that will be a positive step like they have done in Lahore.” Dickason commented on the return of international cricket to Pakistan Specially Karachi.

PSL 3 Final

Dickason seems very satisfied with the security rehearsal presentation and his level of satisfaction will be shown in the report that he will submit to ICC and PCB in seven days. For which he concluded that “We were provided with a comprehensive drill and a professional presentation with the help of all security agencies, combined with the efforts of PCB chairman Najam Sethi, which is encouraging and it will be reflecting in the report that I’ll be submitting to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the International Cricket Council (ICC).”

Dickason seems satisfied with the rehearsals and we hope that Karachi will surely host the final and next full edition of PSL will be held in Pakistan too.

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