Mzansi Super League Tournament Anthem Launches TOMORROW

By on November 19, 2018

That is the contagious Mzansi Super League song that has become a party starter at all tournament venues for this opening weekend.

Che Bang Bang will officially be launched by its composer and legendary Mzansi radio personality, DJ Fresh, on his DJ Fresh Breakfast Show on Metro FM, the leading urban South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) station tomorrow morning, Tuesday 20 November, shortly after the 7:30 am sport update.

DJ Fresh, whose real name is Thato Sikwane, said: “I was enthused when I heard about Mzansi Super League and a new T20 tournament that was proudly South African coming through, I got inspired to make a fast, and catchy tune that create a song with a beat that showcased our style.

“There is the dance element as well. Being that we are a country that is always innovative with starting new dance floor trends…we are a happy nation that loves to shake and perform co-ordinated dance moves.”

The Mzansi Super League shake will also be revealed, promising to be the ultimate dance move this summer. “The whole idea is to have the world dancing and not just the traditional cricket fans,” said Cricket SA Acting Heading of Communications, Koketso Gaofetoge.

“Hopefully the fans will be switched on to the Mzansi Super League digital platforms to see this anthem being officially launched and also get their first snippets of the story behind ‘Che Bang Bang’.”

SABC Spokesperson, Neo Momodu further elaborated: “These are exciting times on South Africa’s sporting landscape since the kickoff of the Mzansi Super League. Our promise to all our audiences was to make the game of cricket accessible to all. Cricket is a fun sport that creates new friendships and everlasting memories. The creation of the Mzansi Super League theme song in partnership with DJ Fresh is part of our strategy of creating a tune aligned to the hottest sporting event this summer and that will motivate all South Africans to get behind the event. ‘Che Bang Bang’, the official theme song, will be playlisted across all our SABC Radio stations for our audiences to enjoy.”

Paarl Rocks hosts Jozi Stars at Eurolux Boland Park tomorrow night (7 pm start local time) with tickets still available through Ticketpro retail outlets and also at the venue.

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