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Top 5 players with most sixes in WBBL 2023

Top 5 players with most sixes in WBBL 2023
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In the electrifying realm of T20 cricket, nothing captivates the audience more than the sight of the ball sailing over the boundary ropes. The Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) 2023 witnessed a plethora of sixes that added an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

As the tournament reached its pinnacle with the Adelaide Strikers emerging victorious, it’s time to celebrate the players who sent the ball soaring into the stands. Let’s dive into the world of power-hitting and explore the top five six-hitters who dominated the boundaries in WBBL 2023 to be on the list of most sixes.

Most sixes in WBBL 2023

1. Grace Harris (BH-W) – The Boundary Blaster

Matches: 17 | Innings: 17 | Sixes: 23

Leading the pack with an explosive display of power-hitting, Grace Harris of Brisbane Heat Women emerged as the ultimate boundary blaster in WBBL 2023. Across 17 matches, Harris showcased her ability to clear the ropes with remarkable consistency, smashing an astounding 23 sixes. Her aggressive approach and fearless batting style were evident in her impressive strike rate of 165.89, making her a nightmare for opposition bowlers.

Harris’s standout performance was a dazzling unbeaten century, where she not only reached 136* but also sent the ball soaring over the boundary on 23 occasions. As one of the most destructive six-hitters of the tournament, Harris played a pivotal role in shaping the fortunes of Brisbane Heat.

2. Sophie Devine (PS-W) – The All-Round Six Sensation

Matches: 15 | Innings: 15 | Sixes: 20

Sophie Devine, representing Perth Scorchers Women, left an indelible mark as an all-round sensation in WBBL 2023. Her powerful and dynamic batting style was highlighted by a total of 20 sixes across 15 matches. Devine’s ability to clear the boundary with ease complemented her overall contributions, making her a formidable force for the Scorchers.

With a total of 489 runs and a highest score of 106, she not only lit up the scoreboard but also enthralled fans with her six-hitting prowess. Devine’s impact resonated beyond her team, solidifying her position as one of the premier six-hitters of the tournament.

3. Chamari Athapaththu (ST-W) – The Stylish Six-Master

Matches: 15 | Innings: 14 | Sixes: 18

In the stylish and graceful approach to power-hitting, Chamari Athapaththu of Sydney Thunder Women stood out as a six-master in WBBL 2023. Accumulating a total of 552 runs, Athapaththu showcased her ability to clear the boundary with finesse, striking 18 sixes in 15 matches to rank third when it comes to most sixes in the season.

With an impressive batting average of 42.46, she combined style with substance, often steering her team to commanding positions. Her highest score of 80 was a testament to her ability to not only anchor innings but also provide the fireworks with elegant sixes. Athapaththu’s contribution played a crucial role in Sydney Thunder’s campaign in WBBL 2023.

4. Lizelle Lee (HH-W) – The Dynamic Six-Hitter

Matches: 14 | Innings: 13 | Sixes: 17

In the dynamic world of T20 cricket, L Lee of Hobart Hurricanes Women emerged as a dynamic six-hitter, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. Lee’s aggressive approach and ability to clear the boundary were evident in the 17 sixes she smashed across 14 matches.

With a highest score of 101*, she not only announced her arrival with authority but also showcased her penchant for dominating opposition bowlers. Lee’s fearless batting and power-hitting prowess added flair to Hobart Hurricanes’ performances, making her one of the standout six-hitters of WBBL 2023.

5. Phoebe Litchfield (ST-W) – The Gun with a Knack for Sixes

Matches: 15 | Innings: 14 | Sixes: 14

Among the seasoned six-hitters, Phoebe Litchfield of Sydney Thunder Women stood out as the young gun with a natural knack for clearing the ropes. In her 15 matches, Litchfield displayed maturity beyond her years, striking 14 sixes to join the list of most sixes and contributing significantly to her team’s cause.

With a highest score of 68, she showcased her ability to mix aggression with stability, providing a glimpse of her potential as a future star in women’s T20 cricket. Litchfield’s six-hitting exploits added a youthful exuberance to Sydney Thunder’s batting lineup in WBBL 2023.

As the curtains fall on WBBL 2023, these six-hitting maestros have etched their names in the records, enriching the tournament with moments of pure cricketing brilliance. Each six was not just a run on the scoreboard; it was a testament to the power, skill, and entertainment that define the essence of T20 cricket. The Women’s Big Bash League, once again, proved that it is not just a competition; it is a celebration of the incredible talent and sheer thrill that women’s cricket brings to the global stage.

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